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Swapnil Tewari

A temple that heals, Kanchan Kaya has been the reason of a thousand smiles since two decades of its existence. Highly afford able and brilliant nature cure for grievous neuro ailments to obesity and natural beauty enhancement. The treatment unlike other spas and health clubs is a mixture of naturopathy, acupressure, yoga, ayurveda, modern physiotherapy and Kerala spa based techniques. Holistic cure to an ailment with visible guaranteed results. I am thankful to Dr Satyendra and Dr Vandana for carrying the vision of nature cure for all.


The place where you get maximum health benefits with holistic approach with Yog, Naturopathy, Accupressure, Steam Bath and other natural process. It has a very friendly atmosphere and trained instructors and doctors panel.

  • 2018-02-22T12:36:04
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