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7-day Wonder Detox Program

The Need :

Our everyday lives are so stressed that the only response to stress in the body, is the accumulation of more and more toxins. Any ailment that the body develops, from a migraine, muscle pain to cardiac problems, diabetes or cancer, it is directly or indirectly related to poisonous toxics inside the body. It not only affects our physical body but also the mind and is the prime reason for depression and unhappy lives across the globe.

The 7-day Wonder Detox Program :

With more than 500,000 treatments in the past 25 years, our experience with these toxics and their work has been immense. We are proud to have healed age-old arthritis, anxiety, cardiac and general body ailments through our detoxification naturopathy.

Why 7 days?

Unlike any other health corporate, we believe in honest and beneficial treatments.
According to Science, it takes only 7 days to flush out the minimum basic amount of toxins and prepare a ground for a healthy body, if the lifestyle is taken care of. It is a crash course of Detoxification!

How is it done?

The 4 pillars of our program are :

1.  Internal Cleansing 

2. Internal Nourishment

3. Body Engineering

4. Mind Engineering

1. Internal Cleansing :

Cleansing the 3 power centers of the body - Brain, Stomach, and Intestines. The methodologies based on Naturopathy and Panchakarma Yoga coupled with Liquid Dynamic Sciences, clean the whole system on a molecular level. Instant results guaranteed!

2. Internal Nourishment :

Our range of naturally procured juices from the villages and jungles of their habitat from across the nation, miraculously heal and develop robust immune systems. These juices and arkas are administered based upon individual customized need or ailment.

3. Body Engineering :

From Ayurvedic oil fortified fomentation, Swedish and ayurvedic detox massages to herb-infused mud packs and earth therapies. External Cleansing gives you relaxation and a great personality guaranteed!

4. Mind Engineering :

Pranayam &  Meditation : To let the mind experience what the body is getting relieved of.
Sound Therapy - For the first time ever, we are using specific frequency based treatments to induce relaxation, healing and meditation. A magical experience indeed!


The Inner Journey Program : (Optional)

6 hours of counseling and soul healing program .
Brought joy to more than 100,000 people worldwide. 
Based on the philosophy of Hope and Madness.
Conducted by Swapnil Tewari - Ambassador-UNESCO - Forbes 30 under 30 & International Peace Awardee-2018

(the proceeds from the same will go into bringing Hope to people who have none.)

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