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OUR MOTTO : LIVE A HOSPITAL-FREE LIFE Kanchankaya Wellness Village : Healing through the 5 elements. EARTH : Mud Therapy Healing of body through natural mud therapy. The minerals and natural toxin releasing attribute of Earth helps to vitalise your body. Just like the plants, the Earth nourished our Body to heal it. WATER : Liquid and Vapor Water Therapy The age old therapy of water to flush out the toxins through your body and ease the body's cells for a wider healing process. We use water internally and externally, citing from age old naturopathy techniques, the water in its vapor and liquid hot and cold form relaxes the muscles and is like an internal body bath. FIRE : Sun Therapy Through color and Acupressure Energy Management, we use the energy of the Sun to revitalize the Body. SPACE : Yoga Nidra & Meditation The connection of the body and the soul through expert driven meditation and Yoga Nidra. AIR : Praanayaam and Sound Therapy We use specific sound frequencies to create an atmosphere of Peace in your mind. The Air therapy coupled with Sound, rewires the Soul to a peaceful living. Best Naturopathy in Lucknow Best Yoga in Lucknow One of the best Institutes for Naturopathy , Yoga and Acupressure in India.
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